Hitendra Mishra, Dublin

Emerald High School in Dublin will become the newest high school in the Tri-Valley when built. This is a great outcome that should be celebrated by all. 

For more than a decade, there has been a heated and divisive debate about the need for a new high school in Dublin. Proponents of a second school pointed to explosive growth that created a compelling need, while opponents argued that a one-Dublin one-high-school strategy was best. With significant advocacy from the community, the rejection of several failed subpar options including an option that included an office complex located close to the prison, and ultimately the election of new leadership to the board, the new school is now targeted to open in less than 2 years. 

Dublin Unified School District Board President Dan Cherrier has advocated for a second high school for almost a decade -- often a lone voice who was put down and ignored by his colleagues. Last year Gabi Blackman and Catherine Kuo were elected to the board of trustees by grassroots efforts involving parents who wanted elected leaders who would listen to voters and make balanced decisions. All three advocated for greater transparency, disciplined spending, and the second comprehensive high school that is now on course to becoming a reality. Help keep it on course by voting for the right candidates this November.

Trustee Gabi Blackman is up for re-election on Nov. 3 and has already proven herself to be the right choice for Dublin. She has demonstrated consistent commitment to our students, the community and quality of education, during her time as a trustee. An accomplished architect, loving mother of three kids, and a smart and no-nonsense decision maker, Gabi will never compromise on our students' educational future. That makes her a great leader to steer us in the right direction over the next critical few years. The choice is yours.