Richard Ryon, Livermore

The City of Livermore has said it lacks funding to move the Eden Housing apartments north of Railroad Avenue. The proposed purchase of the site of the burned-down pool supply property on Railroad Avenue indicates that the City does indeed have funds available for this and other properties.

Housing in the center of a vibrant downtown is not the best use of the land.  A nice park will induce local people, occupants of the proposed new hotel, and other tourists to linger downtown and patronize the fine restaurants and other business nearby on First Street and beyond.

Regardless of the history and lack of progress to date, the alternate plan is still possible. There is enough land available north of Railroad Avenue to locate a larger housing project than the currently proposed Eden Project, including the housing promised for school district employees and others of modest income.

The downtown project should be a place where the City Council will be glad to have their names on a plaque to commemorate their wisdom and good judgement. Let’s hope they earn the honor!