Jan Brovont, Livermore

We need to make sure this city council and future city councils understand we do not want our Livermore Police Department defunded in any way.

We want to keep Livermore peaceful. Many want Livermore to be a destination location. I doubt that will happen if our police department is defunded or cut. Who would want to come here and be afraid to stand in front of the Bankhead Theater at night, or drive through wine country if Livermore has a skeletal police department? Just because rioters aren’t here now doesn’t mean we couldn’t have a problem in the future. I doubt many new officers would want to join the Livermore police department at that point.

The fewer police officers we have the more endangered all of us are. And if they are defunded, we won’t have new officers applying for positions. Then what?

Livermore residents, get out of your comfort zone and find out what is happening in other cities. We could be next.