The NFL’s admission that it was wrong for not listening to its players’ concerns about racism is welcome, but not enough. It did not even mention Colin Kaepernick; the NFL owes him an apology and more. The league blackballed him for calling attention to police brutality against people of color. With the killing of George Floyd by police in plain sight, and those of others in recent weeks, most everyone will agree that this brutality is a fact.  

Kaepernick taking a knee in 2016 during the National Anthem was not disrespecting the flag or our country. It was calling attention to this fact. Historically, kneeling has been understood as a sign of humility and respect. Let us all be humble and work for racial equality, recognizing that we have a long way to go before we live up to the ideals our country was founded on. Let the heartfelt, goodwill of so many people marching this week lead to positive change. Let us all work for that.