San Francisco Giants manager Gabe Kapler and Giants players are kneeling during the playing of the national anthem.

Mr. Kapler says he is kneeling because he sees it as nothing more than “standing up for what you believe in.” May I remind Mr. Kapler that kneeling is not going to solve any issue that he believes is unjust in this country. His kneeling is showing his disrespect for this country and its founding.

In the Declaration of Independence, it was written that “all men are created equal.” It was further written, in 1868, in the 14th amendment to the Constitution, that all citizens are due “the equal protection of the laws.”

This country and its citizens are trying hard to live up to what is written in both these documents, but we are human beings and as long as there are human beings there will be some of us that deny that right to be equal.

We are an imperfect society, but it was not the intent of the founders of this country and those that wrote these documents to deny any citizen equal rights.

An analogy is the Catholic Church. It is the intent of the Catholic Church that all priests follow the example of Christ. Yet some priests have strayed from this and harmed children. The church hierarchies contributed more harm though a cover-up. Should I as a Catholic take a knee at the reading of the gospel every Sunday to protest against the church? Is that going to solve anything?

By taking a knee in church, I am protesting the church, but the church is made up of human beings, human beings that can make decisions that bring dishonor and disgrace to the church.

It is the same with our country. In spite of our intentions to treat everyone equally, there will always be those who fail to do so. By kneeling during the playing of our national anthem, Mr. Kapler is showing how much he disrespects our country by painting everyone with a broad brush. He should aspire to actually do something about any issue he believes is unjust in our society by contacting his local elected officials. Kneeling is not solving anything; it’s just bringing attention to Mr. Kapler.

Finally, all Americans must decide for themselves how they can treat others in ways that further justice for everyone.