Connor Lam, Pleasanton

I am a student at Harvest Park Middle School in Pleasanton.

I first met Ms. Kristie Wang at the Pleasanton City Council planning committee meeting last year, and we continued to work together until the Pleasanton ordinances passed last Aug. 18. That was over one year in the making!

Ms. Wang values the health and welfare of the youth in Livermore and beyond. She gave me the time and attention when I was new in advocating for anti-vaping initiatives. If she gets elected as school board member, she will share her time with you. The students will have a seat at the decision-making table.

I may not be allowed to vote yet, but I encourage the youth to support candidates who value the welfare of the students - like Ms. Kristie Wang. Simple things like helping advertise her campaign materials in your lawn or sharing in social media make a huge difference. Ms. Kristie Wang is approachable, committed and can make things happen.

Please join me in endorsing Ms. Kristie Wang for LVJUSD Board.