Dan Leary, Livermore

I am a civil engineer and small-business owner, a 20-year Livermore resident, and currently have four children in Livermore schools. The school district will have many challenging problems to solve over the next few years. We will need the most qualified residents of Livermore to step up, and I was grateful to learn that my neighbor of 14 years, Kristie Wang, is offering to serve on the Livermore Valley Joint United School District Board of Trustees.

There are three reasons I endorse Kristie Wang for the school board:

1) She is highly qualified and educated for the job. Kristie is an extremely smart person, well-educated for the position, and she able to understand and solve complex situations.

2) She cares about the children of our community. Kristie Wang is not only devoted to her own children, but she is attentive to the needs of other children in our community, as evidenced by her leadership in stopping vaping. My six children look up to Kristie Wang and often seek her advice, and Kristie is glad to help them.

3) She is a natural leader in all her pursuits, primarily because she is an excellent listener, smart and able to understand complex problems, and honest. We need competent leaders like Kristie.