William Dunlop, Livermore

I met Kristie through her husband, who worked in the same division at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory that I was in.

He told me that his wife Kristie had volunteered in their children's classrooms for several years. She had a background in education policy and would like to get involved with our schools at the district level.

I was school board president at the time, so I suggested she get on the Citizens' Oversight Committee for our school bond measures to gain some experience with the budget, and I  introduced her to Kelly Bowers, who had recently been promoted to superintendent of the Livermore Schools.  Kristie has now been involved with our schools for more than 13 years.

Kristie is committed to enhancing the education programs in our schools and helping to ensure that our students get an outstanding education. Currently, she has tackled some difficult issues, such as keeping our students away from vaping, or perhaps better stated, keeping vaping away from our students.

She would be a great addition to our school board, as she has been working with the current school board on a number of issues. Her activities have also involved working with our neighboring school districts. 

This cooperation with our neighboring districts is an important activity of our school board that Kristie is already familiar with.  I recommend that you take the time to read Kristie’s resume outlining the work that she has done with our schools.

She will be an outstanding representative on our school board.  I am going to vote for Kristie.