Donna Cabanne, Livermore

The defining feature of our downtown?

Most residents would like a larger central park that would define the heart of our city as a place to gather and socialize and support our retail businesses.

The Eden housing plan has increased the building sizes by 42%; and the park has been reduced by 32%. The smaller park is enclosed by buildings and will be used as space for private apartments - not space the public will use.  

Furthermore, one parking stall for every Eden Housing unit is less than city standards and insufficient. It will create a constant traffic jam, as those in Eden Housing units will scramble to find additional spots for their vehicles.


Move the housing off the downtown center to create a central park and amenities that will support the hotel, retail, restaurants, and cultural activities, and benefit the community as a place where we all want to go - not a place we avoid because the parking is inadequate, and housing dominates and overshadows our downtown.

A central park with amenities for all is the only downtown we should support.