We need to begin a campaign that assures the largest turnout of voters in all future elections, including primaries and the national election, in light of the threat of Covid-19 contagion.

We should, at the least, initiate a federally funded effort to enable more polling places, and ideally, require that states adopt vote-by-mail procedures to assure the fullest voter response possible.

We cannot require voters, regardless of their desire to vote, to gather in large numbers, standing in line for hours, and threatening their health in the process. This basic right that our democracy depends on cannot be prevented by partisan bias that might afford favor to one party over another due to lower voter turnout.

We may not go as far as Australia does in requiring that all must vote or be fined, but we must make voting as safe and as welcoming as we can to assure the voices of the governed are heard and not silenced by circumstances beyond our abilities to fully control.