Elizabeth Judge, Livermore

LARPD’s Recreation Department has terminated the lap swim pass and drop-in swim program.  Instead, residents have to pay $80/month to use the pool regardless of how often or seldom they swim.  It makes a community asset, belonging to the residents for the health of the residents, available only to the elite among us.

For a senior who paid $150 for a 50 swim pass pre-Covid, and swam once per week, the rate just went up from $3 to $20/swim.  There will be no drop-in swim, no matter how hot the weather, and no open swim either for the general public, evidently.

Though community pools rarely support themselves, If the Department has a budget crisis there could be other ways to handle the problem.  To add insult to injury, those with lap swim passes pre-Covid had those investments frozen for a year and now they are told that those funds will be rolled over into the new $80/month program and not refunded otherwise.  This cannot be legal.  If you pay for a refrigerator, an entity cannot decide to give you a stove and think it OK. 

You just cannot make this stuff up!