Michael Ferrucci, Livermore

Due to the fact that I owned a music store in Livermore for 30+ years, my friends and customers know I am an avid Beatles fan (saw them twice!) and it should come as no surprise that I quote them here, “They Say the Best Things in Life are Free, but you can give them to the Birds and Bees! Now give me…” Mony! That’s what I want. I want a mayor who listens. I want a mayor who cares about what citizens and voters think. I want a mayor who respects each individual who takes the time to speak in front of the Council. I want a mayor who is fair and truthful. The good news is we now have a choice for mayor who I believe will act and fulfill those requirements, and that’s Mony Nop. I have known Mony for almost 20 years as a policeman, friend and fellow Livermore Rotarian. Mony is a genuine leader and dependable asset to the Livermore community. During the years I’ve known Mony, he would invariably volunteer to contribute his time and money to help create positive results in our city. Mony has been tireless in his efforts to understand the needs of our community and continuously strives to offer and promote solutions that benefit us all. If “All you need is Love”, he’s got that too! Mony loves Livermore. For example, he has a positive vision of our downtown and wants to relocate the Eden Housing project, as do the majority of citizens who want a real downtown park. Mony has listened and promised to see it become a reality. Let’s all “Come Together”, “Because” we can “Carry that Weight” and “Help!” by working “Eight Days a Week” to elect someone we know that can do the job. “I’ve Got a Feeling” that with new blood on the Council, we’ll be able to “Get Back” and “Let it Be” the will of the citizens of Livermore to have a special place in our downtown to rest, reflect and enjoy with our family and friends. Let’s do “Something” and elect Mony Nop, Carol Wahrer and Ben Barrientos.