Livermore City Council’s current plan for downtown includes a hotel (next to the Bankhead) on Livermore Avenue at Railroad. It used to have underground parking for patrons of its 133 rooms (now 125-135), plus staff of 60 and room for public parking. Remember? The city was to lease back the garage from the hotelier and call it public parking.

Now the hotelier has decided there will be only valet parking instead, due to the cost of underground parking. That means that this hotel will suck nearly 200 parking spots out of the current city garage and future adjoining I street garage, leaving residents with fewer spaces.

Furthermore, the hotel will want its valet parking to be in garage areas nearest Railroad so valet personnel may return to the hotel quickly. This leaves residents with the more distant parking places.

Taking away 200 spaces in the area nearest the Bankhead and the movie theater disrespects the first priority (parking) of the Public Outreach Process, and creates problems for those attending theaters and nearby restaurants.

Sign the new referendum to stop the agreement for this hotel and protect the Initiative (Central Park Plan)!

(As predicted, Council is delaying the vote on the Initiative by considering the ballot in November of 2020, not March. It has ordered a thirty-day $100K study to be done on the Central Park Plan to highlight any and all possible costs to the city, hoping to discourage voters.)