Open the door, 10-R; open the door and let us on. You have to stop, anyway, for the cross-walk at BART's Dublin-Pleasanton station. It's right by the fare gates as people leave the station.

Indeed, make it a pick-up point for all buses going south on that roadway; 143 buses run south by the fare gates leaving BART each day. Just by opening the door and boarding passengers for Pleasanton and Livermore, Wheels could attract commuters and open up much needed parking at the Dublin-Pleasanton station. That's why I sang this song at the Wheels Board meeting Monday; the tune is "Open the door, Richard; open the door and let me in."

For those of us who need canes or walkers, going from the fare gates to the existing bus stop is especially difficult. More than once it made me just miss the bus. I'd still rather take the bus from Livermore than drive – and in my advancing years I can't even do that.