As a 32-year resident of Livermore, I am bewildered by the argument that some City Council members have been utilizing regarding the downtown plan. It goes something like this. We won our last election so therefore residents must go along with our recommendations on all issues including the current eastside hotel plan.

I am not going to demean the process by providing a basic Civics 101 review as I think the members do a nice job on the whole, but suffice it to say being elected to office does not entitle politicians to ignore obvious quantifiable opposition - especially when that opposition has majority support through every pubic mechanism provided to date.

Supporting the first argument is the second which goes something like this. If the people have a vote in November, it will delay the project and somehow change the financial, construction and operational viability of the project. I have read direct quotes from Mr. Patel that his company would build on either the eastside or the westside, so why is there such a rush to silence the residents by opposing the November vote?

Both sides just need to take the temperature down and follow one of the key founding principles of this country of free, open and transparent ballot initiatives that give the people a vote on issues, and not just representatives.

Once completed, everyone should accept the November results, put away the rhetoric, move forward with a late '22 completion target, and bond once again as proud residents of this wonderful city. Livermore is comprised of fantastic people on both sides of any issue, but we must focus on what we have in common and not on what may divide us at this moment.