Robert Blum, Livermore

Keep the lawsuit going with the City Council all the way to the next elections and vote all of them out. The City Council ignores what the citizens of Livermore have been wanting and asking for the Downtown development of open space and Eden housing. The City Council approved the Legacy project whose contractor went bankrupt and is sitting as an ugly dinosaur — a bad decision by the City Council for not doing their homework on creditable contractors and developers. This situation could turn positive... IF... the City Council and Eden Housing put on their thinking caps and negotiate to work out a plan to buy out the Legacy project before it is too late. Its bankrupt contractor has brought the project to a standstill. This would be an opportunity to create more housing for Eden Housing with parking on site. The project is partially started and no contaminated soil.

The City Council needs to put all effort into this opportunity for the Downtown of Livermore to take over and buy out the Legacy Project or what has been discussed, moving Eden Housing across Railroad Avenue.

When is the City Council going to wake up and do the right thing for the Downtown? The citizens of Livermore voted and voiced strongly to create and develop a very large-scale open space park in the heart of the Downtown. A well-planned scenic park is what the citizens of Livermore want. They do not want a so-called half-baked park with housing taking over a good portion of the park and destroying the area.