Alan Ross, Livermore

I have been a resident of Livermore since 1996. One aspect that I truly love about Livermore is the downtown. Many cities in the area have lost their downtown atmosphere to inconsiderate, reckless, and ugly urbanization. I urge us to not make the same mistake. I urge us to keep our downtown green, open, free of tall buildings and traffic congestion. Doing this will benefit us now and our children tomorrow. 

The revised Eden Housing Development does not serve Livermore well. It can and should be changed.

The Eden Housing Development should be transferred across Railroad Avenue to the north, which preserves our historic downtown area. The Livermore Low income Housing Fund, Housing Successor fund and Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District can all provide income to purchase parcels north of Railroad Avenue or other sites zoned for residential.

Teachers, firefighters and police officers should be allowed to be housed there. They serve our community everyday and deserve this consideration and opportunity.

Now more than ever, we need to be responsible citizens - embrace new norms, be fair, equitable and inclusive in our actions, and respectful to the environment.

Please listen to the residents!