No doubt you have probably noticed the large two-page ad for Better Livermore right in the middle of today’s paper. Maybe you have run into signature gatherers and volunteers while you were shopping or visiting the Farmers Market. As a Livermore voter you deserve the truth. You deserve a detailed and well thought out plan for your downtown. I received neither from “Better” Livermore as I engaged with signature gatherers in town and on their Facebook page.

During my first conversation with volunteer signature gatherers I was told that there were traffic studies done on both plans, and could not receive an answer on the findings of that study. I was also told that putting the issue on the ballot “is not going to slow the process down,” and that this is not the work of the Friends of Livermore. Each of these statements is completely untrue.

In a separate interaction, a paid signature gatherer stated, “They’re trying to build a development on top of a park.” I was honestly shocked by this level of deception. I turned to Better Livermore’s Facebook page and asked what they would do to ensure truthfulness, however I never received a response.

The Central Park “Plan” isn’t a plan by any means. These are pretty pictures with no details, strategies, or action steps. Please ask the volunteers how much this plan is going to cost. If this plan is voted on, it will mean the movement of a street, additional green space that the city doesn’t have a budget for (think water and security), and tiny apartments on land not even owned by the city. Who is going to pay for Better Livermore’s negligence in creating a financially viable plan? That’s right, it’s you - the taxpayer.

This Central Park is not good for Livermore. Even if Better Livermore came up with details, the concept would still include 450 square-foot micro unit apartments at market rate cost. This was something Livermore residents spoke out against during the outreach process. Additionally, when an RFP went out for the hotel development, five developers bid on the east-side hotel, while none bid on Better Livermore’s west-side hotel.

We have had enough of the lies. The plan is done, let's move forward.