Zbigniew Jastrzebski, Livermore

I have been observing, in dismay, many of the decisions that have been made, in recent years, by the Livermore mayor and city council.

One has to ask the question: Are these guys just lacking in common-sense? Is that the root cause of the problem?

It takes common-sense to know that you don’t overbuild in a downtown area, so that you don’t make it so awfully closed-in, crowded, and stifled, that nobody ever wants to visit your downtown area ever again! What a complete and utter mess these guys have made of downtown Livermore, and the overbuilding has just started. Even God cannot help us after they have finished screwing it up. They have ‘done’ us good, and we can’t hit the ‘undo’ button!

It takes common sense to know that you don’t build a huge industrial solar power plant in an agricultural area and scenic corridor! You could have moved the location of that plant to an area that was not agricultural and not a scenic corridor, but that was too hard to think through. North of Morgan Territory, and between Livermore and Patterson and Newman, there is oodles of space. Wow, right?

It takes common sense to know that you don’t change East Avenue to one lane each way, with a silly road diet, to solve one problem, while you cause five other problems. East Avenue is a major east-west artery in Livermore. It is one of the only three we have. It will naturally become a critical evacuation route for approximately 27,000 people in the event of a California wildfire or a major earthquake. They have no clue!

It takes common sense to know that you don’t just develop and expand Livermore Airport, because one businessman is pushing for it. Livermore airport has always been for small planes only.

Your city fathers allowed the building of thousands of homes all around the airport over the last 20 years, right up to its border! Already, the sound of private Lear jets and Gulfstreams is awfully loud when they fly just hundreds of feet over thousands of residential homes, and now, they want to allow Boeing 737s into LVK? Have they heard of the term noise pollution?

God, we miss Marshall Kamena! Why? Because he had a lot of common sense, and most importantly, he knew not to serve the 1% at the expense of the 99%.