When I first heard about the new Livermore downtown initiative, I thought “Oh no, not again.” After I learned what it was about, I thought “This is fantastic!”

The hotel will have more rooms, all the parking will be onsite, and there will be more of it. That will relieve the traffic congestion caused by the current hotel design with the parking across the street. The additional rooms will help our tourism industry.

The Bankhead Theater will finally get more nearby parking and more disabled spaces. A parking facility at L Street will give us back the close-by spaces that we deserve. And none of it will be paid parking.

Stockmen’s Park stays just like it is, and the new Central Park will have much more open space than the old plan provided. There will still be affordable housing units.

These are all aspects of the redevelopment plan that were most important to the majority of us, but that the City just couldn’t figure out how to provide. The changes won’t even slow down the construction — build it quick!

Many thanks to the authors for doing the hard work. Now, the easy part will be for the rest of us to do. Sign it, and vote.