Livermore is not congested; once you're in town, traffic is very manageable. Drive around San Leandro for instance; that’s congested.

You can see vistas of hills here. It’s a small-town feel, spacious in many ways, low density, with open space. Look at the south and north sides of town. Livermore is the last bastion of open space in the Tri-Valley due to wineries, ranchers, cowboys and cowgirls. These are some of the reasons why Livermore is a great place to live. If you're going to live here, these facets are worthy of preserving and protecting.

The City Council and the Planning Commission have done a fantastic job of accepting design features and architectural styles that fit in with Livermore and it's Western, traditional, rustic heritage. If a ballot measure comes up that preserves open space, I feel it is worth voting for. Save Livermore for what it is. Livermore is not Dublin.