Mike Davies, Livermore

Let me describe the whole sad truth about the coming nightmare that will afflict all Livermoreans, i.e.: the expansion of Livermore Airport in the near future.

At any time, FBO Kaiser Air can change what they want to do. It can be charter or cargo. What about all those mid-large size hangers being built at LVK? It was admitted they would be for noisy private jets and more than likely noisy private jet charter operators.

And with just phase 1 — Kaiser is planning on selling 1,000,000 gallons of fuel per year— the airport only currently does 600,000 gallons per year, so if we extrapolate, this is easily twice the number of operations. LVK does approximately 125,000 takeoffs and landings per year right now.

Do we really want another 125,000 operations per year? This doesn’t include phase 2 to 5 of the expansion.

This could easily add up to an additional 50 jet operations per day. Pretty simple math: 40 hangers being built, 50% jet usage, 20x2 jet operations per day = 40 x 250 days = an additional 10,000 jet operations per year. This doesn’t count other jets flying into Livermore as a great maintenance spot that LVK will become.

This is a massive expansion of LVK. Even previous consultants’ reports have mentioned building an FBO will dramatically increase the noise and traffic and the private jets!

The simple truth of the matter is the 737s will need about 5,000 x 100 = 500,000 gallons of jet fuel per year. That is the number of times per year they theoretically are coming to LVK, although we all know that can be changed at any time. Yes, some fuel sales will move from the current FBO (Five Rivers Aviation) to Kaiser Air. And this is just phase 1!

It can easily be extrapolated that after phases 1 to 5 are completed, that this will two to three times the number of operations, which means that us poor Livermoreans can expect to see 400,000 takeoffs and landings at LVK, after all five phases of the expansion are completed. And the private jet number operations will be increased by 40 operations per day at minimum. And the 737 takeoffs and landings can go from three per week to 30 per week, because there are no rules in place to stop it!

This whole LVK expansion thing is a sick proposition!