There has been interest in the results of the Livermore downtown outreach process as to whether the west side or the east side hotel was favored. Not everyone expressed a preference for the location of the hotel or included a hotel in a downtown plan.

There are two different results depending upon which citizen inputs are included.

Table 5 of the consultant’s, PlaceWorks, report of the outreach gives the results of the public workshops and the online Concept tool. Of those who registered a preference for the location of the hotel, 109 preferred the west side while 59 preferred the east side which gives a preference of 65% or 2/3 for the west side hotel.

Another tool for the citizens to voice their preference was the online General Concepts and Four Concepts tools. If the results of these are included in the totals, then 255 preferred the west side and 88 preferred the east side location for the hotel, and the preference was 74% or 3/4 for the west side hotel.

The results of the outreach process was that the citizens preferred a west side hotel in Livermore’s downtown.