Sarah Thompson, Jean O’Neil Opipari, Kyle Johnson, Las Positas College

Las Positas College provides access to educational opportunities that allow our students to transfer to four-year universities, attain degrees, and increase students’ employability and life-long success through career-technical training. Last year, the college was ranked the #1 best community college in California by These rankings are grounded in statistical data including academic quality, student completion, and affordability. The college is also a top transfer institution and has the 8th highest transfer rates among California Community Colleges. Despite our high institutional standards, the college recognizes that there continues to be disproportionately distributed outcomes in student completion among our students. Institutional data informs our institutional goals, and one of these institutional goals is student equity, because of these persistent disproportionate student outcomes.

The college continuously disaggregates data by gender, age, and race to allow the campus community to analyze, discuss, and identify specific strategies to address the gaps in student outcomes for the students who would benefit the most. Las Positas College is committed to achieving equitable outcomes for all of our students.

The college values educational equality, and the college is committed to educational equity. Equality is about sameness; it focuses on making sure that each student receives the same resources and support to be successful. Equality assumes that all students are entering our college from a common, level playing field. Equity is about fairness and justice; it ensures that each student receives what he or she needs to be successful. Equity recognizes that not all students have been served by our educational systems in the same way and as a result are entering our college from different playing fields. This distinction is especially important in education, where there are data-supported gaps in opportunities and outcomes for some students, including low-income students and students of color, who historically have greater needs due to the systemic shortcomings of our educational systems in providing for them.

As faculty, classified staff, and student leaders, we are proud of our institution, our programs, and our colleagues for creating the institutional conditions that allow all students to reach their full potential. Our campus community is committed to achieving equitable student outcomes within an institutional culture that values the importance of student equity and understands why this work matters to all of our students, to our community, and to our region.