We received a flyer in the mail from “Yes on P” that was simply appalling. Unfortunately, it included the names of many respectable people, businesses, and organizations that I hope did not really endorse its contents.

The mailer states that the Central Park Plan proposes a garage next to the Bankhead Theater that would require passing a $40 million parcel tax. This is certainly a scare tactic. The City Plan includes a huge five-story garage on L Street, directly behind the small one-story shops on First Street, compared to the Central Park Plan that has two smaller garages, one on L Street and one next to the Bankhead Theater.

I understand the advantages of the two garages in the Central Park Plan, including ready access to both areas of downtown, smaller structures, and a little more parking, but it makes no sense to me that the difference would require a $40 million parcel tax.

But that is not the main reason the flyer was appalling. The article in the flyer is titled, "Millionaires who benefit from a $40 million parcel tax," and states, "this taxpayer-funded garage (next to the Bankhead) can be leased, presumably for $1 per year, to these same millionaires for their personal and business use." It accuses two families, who have devoted so much of their time and money to the betterment of Livermore, of being the architects of some kind of hard-to-imagine fraud. This is over-the-top defamation of character of the worse kind.