Valarie Daum, Livermore

Reading The Independent’s article about Eden Housings’ plan to expand its building size by 42% was both disappointing and distressing.

Our open space has now shrunk by 32%, and the low-cost housing units have increased approximately 1.5 times larger in size! How can this happen and how can it possibly go forward?

Eden’s Project Developer Matt Graves’ and President Linda Mandolini’s comments that their original plan could not get financing must have been known long before last week’s workshop meeting. The city cannot approve the revised plan or our downtown will be lost forever.

Further, why did the city mislead us by not including in drawings the long-approved Groth Brothers 230-unit apartment complex in all the future downtown plans? As we now know, this huge complex dramatically overshadows the entire downtown scene.

Sadly, this giant project was omitted from any of the workshop or committee discussions and sketches. Instead, we were presented with idyllic illustrations of trees, park benches, an enchanting wine country hotel, an intimate small theater, a bold science museum and an enlarged Stockmens’ park.

In reality, we could be left with three- and four-story housing developments surrounding the Stockmens’ park statue in a plot of green grass.