Once again I followed last night’s City Council meeting via Twitter and watching online. I have a few observations that are greatly disturbing to me.

First - the insistence by the Central Park Group that those of us in Livermore prefer a west side hotel. Not one person I’ve spoken with cares that much about where the hotel is located. Most are adamant that they don’t want a parking garage at that corner.

Next – I took a break and came back to the meeting when the homeless issue was being discussed. The meeting attendance was greatly diminished by this point. Why is so much energy spent on a luxury hotel placement and so little on our homeless situation? It seems as if we have our priorities confused. And the question that begs to be answered is: if we build a bigger ‘central park’ downtown, aren’t we just encouraging a new spot for our homeless population?

Then the City Council discussed the cost of the initiative being placed on the November ballot. It is estimated to cost our city $1,800,000. This isn’t something we can avoid at this point. Oh, couldn’t that money have been better spent?

I would really like to understand the motivations of this Central Park Group. They are a fine group of citizens that have done much to enrich Livermore. However, they seem very out of touch with most of us who live here, who’ve raised our children here and who want to see a vibrant city for them and our grandchildren. Most of us would like to see downtown built, and our City’s money and time spent on other productive solutions and services.