Ashley Conk, Pleasanton

Kelly Mokashi would be positive asset for the Pleasanton United School District Board of Trustees.

She has a strong educational background as a former educator, adult trainer, and a curriculum specialist that would serve as a strong foundation for her role as a school board member.

Kelly is passionate about education in many ways. I am also a former educator and we share similar principles, such as advocating for more arts integration and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) in all subject areas. I have seen firsthand how she has engaged our own children to learn in fun and creative ways, including hands-on projects, differentiation of instruction, and innovative activities that help them develop their creativity and ability to think outside the box.

Kelly has a strong, positive character and she has the tenacity to stand up for what is in the best interest for students. She has the know-how to work with others, especially, when there are different viewpoints and opinions. She works well with others in a professional, diplomatic way, especially when solving difficult problems. These are just a few examples of why I feel Kelly would be a great asset for the PUSD Board of Trustees