Brian Toy, Livermore

This November, Livermore will be choosing its next mayor. After hearing of candidate Mony Nop, I was pleasantly surprised by the unique background and experience that he offers. What stood out were two things:

First, I am impressed by the adversity that Mony faced in his childhood. His story is one of surviving the killing fields of the Khmer Rouge to become a police officer and later a successful businessman in Livermore. Such childhood adversity has a lasting impact, which I believe is evident in his years of service as a police officer with Livermore.

Mony has developed a love for this community. He has started two nonprofit organizations focused on helping develop our youth. His background as an officer will provide our council a balanced and compassionate voice in the midst of great changes in many police departments across the nation.

Second, I am surprised by Mony’s ability to succeed in just about any circumstance. Mony is no stranger to a new job and he proved that after jumping into the difficult real estate business. To even attempt to jump from being a police officer to the real estate business, much less to do it successfully, shows how driven Mony is. This jump shows adaptability, humility to start from scratch and learn a new job, and the ability to work with others and create a successful team. All these qualities will do him and Livermore well as the next mayor.

In light of the hardships he has faced, and his successful record as a police officer and a businessman, I believe that Mony has shown the ability to succeed in whatever life throws at him. If there ever was a time when a political outsider would be better suited for the position of mayor, I believe it is this time and with this candidate, Mony Nop.