Joseph Turnage, Colorado, Former Livermore Resident

You have a wonderful opportunity in this year’s mayoral race to elect someone uniquely qualified to move Livermore forward - I hope you will vote for Mony Nop for mayor.

I’m a former Livermore resident writing to you from Colorado. I got to know Mony when I was principal of Marylin Avenue School, and he was the police officer assigned to our school for the DARE program. I knew from the first day I met Mony that he was not only an extraordinary police officer, but an amazing human being.

What I noticed first was his love for the children and families in our school. He wanted to know about them, hear their stories, and motivate them. He often talked with me about how he wanted our students to grow up and be ready for adulthood. He taught the kids to know right from wrong, but understood them when they strayed from that path and just needed love. He was a real partner in the education of those children at Marylin Avenue.

After Mony left the police force, I was delighted to see him continue to work with the community by establishing programs that would help our town.

His Mony Nop Turkey Drop and Rising Young Leaders programs are legendary. His record as a realtor and entrepreneur is one more piece of this incredible American success story. I believe that his amazing childhood survival during one of the world’s most brutal wars gave him an incredible empathy for those in poverty. But it also gave him an incredible determination to learn, to strive, and to achieve.

Mony has always passed that gift on to others. He cares in a deep and profound way about Livermore and the future of its citizens.

I have been so fortunate in my career, as a teacher and principal, and here in Colorado, as the educational consultant to the state Supreme Court, to get to know many fine public servants. Those who have moved me the most are those who have Mony’s characteristics of vision, compassion, dedication, and of course, administrative ability.

I strongly urge you to vote for Mony. He will make an incredible and wonderfully positive difference for the future of Livermore. He gets things done!