Kathleen Wilson, Livermore

Our not so little town of Livermore is a great place to live for many reasons - its diversity, access to natural beauty and outdoor space, and laid-back and unpretentious attitude of locals.

I have been lucky to call Livermore my home for the last 26 years. I also recognize the need to address the challenges that come with any growing community. Upon meeting Mony Nop, I came away with the confidence that he possesses the compassion, vision and energy that Livermore needs moving forward.

Mony Nop served the city of Livermore as a police officer for 17 years and has built a successful real estate business here as well. Both roles have allowed him to engage with Livermore folks across the map and have given him a unique perspective of our town that few people have. His commitment as a public servant has been and continues to be demonstrated in his leadership roles with non-profits; working with the Tri-Valley Nonprofit Alliance, Mony Nop Turkey Drop, and Rising Young Leaders are just a few examples. Visit his website if you’d like to see more, the list is impressive. His experiences have shaped his commitment to serve others; he turns empathy for folks who have hit hard times into effective action.

Equally important is his willingness to listen to residents when considering solutions to the challenges that are unique to Livermore. There are many reasons why we love living here, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have problems like any other town or city across America. I believe Mony will listen to residents in deciding how Livermore will solve the issues that are specific to our town.

Strong community input has led to a thriving, family-friendly downtown and a colorful arts and cultural scene. This same input could continue to shape Livermore in such areas as innovative police training and reform, bringing in various industries leading to job creation, and a compassionate response to homelessness.

Check out Mony’s website and see for yourself who he is and what he stands for. His energy and openness to new and creative ideas are just what our town needs now and moving forward. Mony’s success in whatever he has taken on leads me to believe that he will do the same as mayor of Livermore.