Perry Morgan, Livermore

Why don't we just defund the California Air Resources Board and give that money to CalFire for new planes and bulldozers?

The CARB budget is over $1 billion dollars a year and all it has done is hurt California businesses. In the last three days, California fires have caused more pollution than all forms of transportation could in a year, that includes cars, semitrucks, planes, trains, and ships.

At one time, California had more fire-fighting C-130 aircraft than anyone else. Heck, CalFire had more C-130 aircraft than most countries have in their military. These planes where given to California by the federal government. California flew these planes until the wings fell off two of them (poor maintenance) and they were sold for scrap. Why were the remaining planes not flown back to Lockheed Martin, a California-based company, for their wings to be rebuilt?