Laurene Green, Pleasanton

The challenges of our time require leaders that have the skills and character to meet those challenges. We are fortunate to have amongst us such leaders, and one of them is Nancy Allen. Post-COVID-19, we will be going through a rough economic patch as we recover. Nancy has the financial, business, and local-government experience and acumen to help steer the right course. She knows how to balance resources, build towards tomorrow, and help Pleasanton continue to be the “City of Planned Progress.”

Nancy works well with people, while fighting for our interests. She has fought to preserve the jewel of our city, our downtown, and fought in Sacramento to preserve our local control.

One of her most important characteristics is her independence. Unlike other candidates for City Council, she has no personal interests in developments and will not take money from developers/builders.

Nancy is a proven, skilled leader with the interest of residents as her guide, and the track record to prove it. I’ve seen her in action and was delighted to hear she was considering running for the council. She is one of the most thoughtful, efficient, and hard-working individuals I’ve ever met. This is why as a Pleasanton resident I am happy to endorse Nancy Allen for the Pleasanton City Council, the right person for these times.