Shoshone Truro-Allee, Pleasanton

This year is a critical time in Pleasanton to get informed and make your vote count. As global politics polarize, so do the politics in Pleasanton. If you want a fair, smart, approachable city council member to represent you, you must vote for Nancy Allen. 

Nancy has worked tirelessly on committees and task forces to make Pleasanton a better place, like her involvement to support hiking and bike trails and Cubby's Dog Park. Her business background will help make this a more fiscally sound city. She supports our historic downtown. Her compassion and caring for residents and small businesses makes her a balanced candidate. 

She has consistently been involved in the social dynamics to make this a community that works for all. She does not take contributions from developers and won't be pressured by them when the time comes to vote on projects. She is fair minded, can bring opposing sides together through accountability and cutting through rhetoric. Go to and spend just three minutes looking at her Priorities and "Meet Nancy" tabs and tell me if you agree!