Mary Anne Rozsa, Livermore  

I have lived in Livermore since the 1960’s and have seen many council members and mayors come and go over the years. The current council and mayor are the least responsive to the wishes of their constituents than any I have experienced in the past. It is definitely time for a changing of the guard, so I am supporting Mony Nop for mayor, and Carol Wahrer and Ben Barrientos for City Council. They will make a good team that will diligently work to secure the downtown core for a generous sized park, not another set of multi-story apartments buildings that create a canyon down L Street with the Legacy development. The citizens of Livermore have basically been pleading with our city leadership to change directions to no avail. It is time to say good-bye and install new leaders who have a real vision for the future of our Downtown and maintain our small-town heritage. November voting will decide our future for staying stagnant or realizing a Better Livermore!