Charles Meier, Pleasanton

I believe in climate change.

The questions remain about how much is the result of the normal cycle that earth has experienced for

thousands of years and how significant is man's influence is on this cycle.  Jeff Garberson's article on Ben Santer's views on climate change seems like the views on the Covid pandemic.

Strict man-made climate change scientists, like pandemic pathologists, do not want to hear other points of view. Like Dr. Fuci, Dr. Santer wants to silence those who have differing opinions, because they say their science and conclusions are not only wrong, but dangerous for the future of the world and its people. But some of the dissenting studies look at a bigger picture just as many governors did with the Covid virus.

They looked not only at the differing scientist's opinions, but at the impact on people and our country. I'm afraid that, if our country vigorously pursues virtual elimination of man's contribution to climate change, others, such as China will not do the same. Assuming the calculated impact of man on climate change is about right, I want to know the impact of climate change on man and do the tradeoffs.

Without that comparison, I worry the only effect of our sacrifices will be to make our country and our people poorer and we will find that our country's sacrifices, in the long term, will have no effect on our existence and our influence in the world to do good will be greatly diminished.