I am sure that all of us in Livermore are looking forward to the downtown renovations moving forward. The dedication of Veterans Way this past weekend shows us that progress is being made. The foolishness of the Central Park Plan is the only thing that could send us back to step zero. Adoption of that plan would set us back at least two years and necessitate the removal of our just opened Veterans Way. The supporters of that initiative want you to believe that having a central park is going to justify those costly delays. I found it humorous that some supporters sent in responses to the Mailbox last week saying that cities like Moscow and Paris have central parks, so we should too. Perhaps when our population reaches several million, we should consider such a park. Until that time, I am perfectly happy to use any of the thirty some neighborhood parks that are typically within five blocks of where we live. Could you imagine loading Fluffy into the car and taking him downtown to walk him in Central Park? No, I can’t either.