Presidio, the hotel developer, is paying for all the “Yes on P” mailers, advertisements and signs. Why? Because Presidio will make millions with the City Plan.

Don't want to be bought? Want a continuous three-acre park that all residents can enjoy? Want a hotel with a restaurant, not a snack bar?

The choice is simple. Vote “No” on Measure P so we can have the superior downtown plan, the Central Park Plan.

Want to keep the open space around Livermore intact? Vote for Vinnie Bacon for Alameda County supervisor. He is the only candidate who promises to protect Measure D, the open-space initiative voted into law in 2000. He is also the only candidate who has not taken corporate money, or developer money. Don't be fooled by fancy, colorful mailers. Pretty ads won't protect our open space; Vinnie Bacon will.

Want to have the best drinking water possible for your family? Then Laurene Green is your candidate. She is the only candidate who will not move forward with reverse-osmosis for drinking water unless we have the technical ability to identify and remove all contaminants. She is the only candidate with an extensive background as a water engineer. Her experience in groundwater investigations and the cleanup of aquifers and reservoirs make her an outstanding candidate and the best choice. If safety and expertise are important to you, vote for Laurene Green and only for Laurene Green for Zone 7 Water Agency board of directors.