Jay Davis, Livermore

I am pleased to write to support my good friend Mony Nop in his campaign for mayor of Livermore.

Sadly, I cannot vote for Mony, but I surely can cheer for him from the sidelines. I first met Mony 15 years ago, when I joined the Rotary Club of Livermore. Mony was an active duty officer in the Livermore Police Department at the time and was clearly a figure to deal with, a person with great enthusiasm for the community and the ability and drive to contribute to it.

As my offices were in the same building downtown where he later built his real estate practice, I could see not only Mony’s skill in leading a growing business, but the reactions of the people who worked for him. They found him charming, always positive, and supportive. Mony is a leader who helps each to achieve his or her best.

Mony’s vision and energy in creating the Tri-Valley NonProfit Alliance have made a wholly different and important contribution to the health of our community and those around us. Mony both inspires and accomplishes.

The past year has seen Livermore solve a decade-long argument over the shape and direction of its growing and exciting downtown. Taking the current vision to completion needs a leader who can think anew, build new bridges within the Livermore Community and help it shift to the interesting new dynamic of a city council whose members will represent districts, a long-needed step towards more equitable representation of the opinions and needs of its citizens.

I strongly encourage you to vote for Mony to lead the effort to achieve that future. I will be loudly cheering from the sidelines.