Dennis Mulligan, Livermore

The people that spend their time and energy attempting to make Livermore more pleasant, livable and attractive to visitors and residents, by creating a downtown landmark park, don’t have a horse in the race! They have nothing to personally gain from their efforts. Their interests are to continue the momentum created by citizens in the past to distinguish Livermore as a great place to live, and with the wineries and eateries, to visit. 

Livermore is fortunately very different from its neighboring cities of Dublin and Pleasanton. The north side valley, the east side Altamont hills, the south side vineyards, and the west side airport, golf course and gravel pits create an open space environment that few cities have. What will the people working for this effort gain themselves? Only the enjoyment of living here presently, and knowing that citizens in the future will benefit. 

Eden Housing can be placed in many places, but a landmark park adjacent to the downtown business core can only happen in one place, one opportunity in a lifetime and beyond. Rome wasn’t built in a day; an everlasting thriving downtown won’t be built in a day either. City council, create something to be proud of downtown.