The latest Nuclear Posture Review has been released this February, and shows intent by our current administration to lower the threshold for the offensive use of nuclear weapons.

In addition to expanding previous modernization goals; a venture projected to cost taxpayers 1.7 trillion dollars, the review includes plans to develop four new nuclear weapons, including a “low yield” warhead deemed “more usable” by the NPR.

The review also expands what circumstances nuclear weapons might be used, to include cyberattacks and other non-nuclear strategic attacks on US infrastructure, armed forces, and civilians. These developments are worrying given our president’s temperament and professed willingness to use nuclear weapons.

In the past, costly and protracted developments to our arsenal have been justified for purposes of deterrence, but with that rationale in mind, it’s not apparent what regional security problems the new review solves. It seems more likely these policies will endanger American lives by increasing the chance that nuclear weapons will be used.