Greg Scott, Livermore

The events at the U.S. Capitol Building on January 6, 2021, 'Insurrection Day', cannot be rationally justified or condoned. Certainly, Donald Trump bears some responsibility, along with some politicians and members of the Republican Party. There is no evidence the presidential election was stolen or corrupted by vote count.

While significant blame lies with Mr. Trump and some Republican politicians, a question should be asked: How did Mr. Trump win the presidency in 2016 and come to power? How did his supporting Republican politicians win elections and maintain their power?

The answer lies in the abandonment and betrayal or the working class, a large portion of the middle class and of the poor. Saying the Democrats do more for these classes is, and has been, tepid consolation. An alternative was sought, and the Republican Party was the vote, even though Republican politicians' actions may likely be against the self-interests of their supporters.

Therein lies the basis for Insurrection Day. Nothing can justify the actions of that day, however, the majority of the foundation for the day was laid in Democratic President Obama's administration through a backing of $650 billion for bankers responsible for the Great Financial Crisis. This further accelerated the wealth and income divide, and the working class, middle class and poor could not possibly keep up.

To add insult to injury, the Federal Reserve Bank Corporation - the "Fed" - started a program of "quantitative easing" in November of 2010 that expanded the money supply by $1.2 trillion, which is a bigger increase than the Fed did in its previous 97-year history. This is a program of buying bonds and stocks and creating a "demand pull" in a monetary environment of low interest rates that had hit the "zero bound" - a zero percent rate. The Fed continued growing quantitative easing and it greatly benefited those with huge assets and the ability to borrow large sums of money.

This is how we arrived at the great exasperation that is in our country. Democrats pivoted to support the so-called "Smart America" (Packard, "How America Fractured Into Four Parts", 2021) with their wealthy-donors dominating from parts of California, Northeast New Jersey, New York City Area and in Connecticut. To heck with "flyover" America, the rural plight and the lower classes.

This has made for a dangerous groundwork for Insurrection Day and a victorious authoritarian Republican rule.