The Wine Country Hotel at the Bankhead is ready to move forward, after 19 years of planning and citizen input! I encourage everyone to VOTE “YES” on Measure P, for the People’s Plan for downtown.

From the first citizen advisory committee formed in 2000 through the past three years, we’ve engaged in a process called “Participatory Design.” The City Council and staff listened to a vast array of citizen input, concerns of safety officers and city planners, and tapped the knowledge of tourism and service businesses. They consulted hoteliers regarding financial viability, then assembled the disparate ideas into a beautiful, cohesive plan. The Wine Country Hotel at the Bankhead is a vibrant component in a well-thought out, citizen-inspired design.

The “City Plan” is the “Citizens’ Plan” – from brainstorming to planning. VOTE “YES” on Measure P, the People’s Plan. We’ve been working on this for 19 years. It’s good, financially viable, and the result of a citywide collaboration. It’s time to get it done!