Tyler O'Brien, Livermore

We need you to deliver on your campaign promise that the county should develop a comprehensive solar policy for its rural areas before any individual solar projects are approved.

This issue is coming to a head before the Alameda County Board of Supervisors in February.

North Livermore Valley is one of the few unspoiled, scenic corridors and agricultural areas remaining in Alameda County. The valley has been used for cattle grazing and the growing of hay to feed horses, cows and other animals for centuries. We should not destroy this legacy.

That is what is at stake. If the proposed Aramis and Sunwalker solar plants are approved, the northern portion of the valley will become a sea of 320,000 plus eight-foot-tall solar arrays, with miles of new internal access roads, security fences, and overhead transmission lines, some on towers 10 stories high.

In the case of the gigantic Aramis facility, it will truly be an industrial power plant. On five acres, concrete will be poured to serve as the foundation for a new electrical subpower plant, water tanks and scores of trailer-truck size lithium-ion battery stations.

Alameda County would like to see more renewable energy produced to address the climate change crisis. That’s a laudable goal. But the county must first undertake a mapping project to determine suitable locations for utility scale solar power plants. This work has been done in neighboring counties, but not here in Alameda County. That is like taking off on a plane headed to the mountains without radar.

Alameda County planners want to authorize utility-scale solar plants in North Livermore Valley, where they do not belong. The Aramis and Sunwalker solar projects will destroy agricultural land, open space, wildlife habitat, and the scenic corridor of North Livermore Avenue - all in violation of Measure D.

We have the power to prevent this from occurring. Please email Supervisor Haubert at David.Haubert@acgov.org, and ask him to put a stop to the destruction of North Livermore Valley.