Paul Eden, Pleasanton

I first met Jerry Pentin when our Junipero Street neighbors enjoyed National Night Out. Jerry entered and won our First Annual Chili Cook Off. (I must say he does make some fine chili!) I like that he shows integrity and gives straight answers when questioned about issues that matter to us, like the calming measures for Junipero Street. He supported our neighborhood through that process and was a strong advocate for getting the measures approved by the whole council.  

I like that he served our country as a Marine and is supportive of the city’s men and women in the military.

I like that he is against defunding the Police Department and instead supports improving policies and working with the police to make them even better than they already are.

He has worked his way up through the ranks, including Parks and Recreation Commission and Planning Commision appointments.  We need his experience and integrity to lead our city and its economic recovery from COVID-19 issues.

My vote for mayor goes to Jerry Pentin.  I hope yours will, too.