Glenn White, Dublin 

I would like to respond to Owen Brovant’s two questions from the 7/15/21 letters. 1. Yes, Washington and Thomas Paine suggested we choose more trustworthy leaders who are demonstrably honest and virtuous. 2. No, whatever unlisted faults the “Woke Generation” may have, the indictment from Washington and Paine would more likely fall upon the former President who cheated his wives, clients, employees, contractors and investors in addition to publicly proclaiming he left his wife for the best adultery ever and bragging like a spoiled teenager about grabbing women because of his wealth and status. What is more astounding is the weak character of the rank and file of the GOP that encourages weakness and cowardice in their party leadership exemplified by the Texas senator whose father was accused of assassinating President Kennedy and his wife of harlotry by Trump only to see the senator weakly grovel before his leader. The Republican Party willfully confuses neo-fascist loyalty to a leader whom they believe can do no wrong with American patriotism represented by the creed in our Declaration of Independence and our law of the land, The Constitution. This is evidenced by the ostracism of conservative patriot, Liz Cheney, who chose conservative patriotism rather than bending the knee to the unfounded accusation that the election was somehow stolen. When Republicans attempt to blame Democrats for not paying for the wall, they implicitly confess that they know Trump lied about Mexico paying for the wall. Yet Republicans still cannot muster the honor, integrity or strength of character to explicitly acknowledge that Mexico paying for the wall was always a lie. Republicans demonstrate they are incapable of accepting accountability. The Party seems to have forgotten that in the history of the founding of our Republic, loyalists are the opposite of patriots. And the sycophantic behavior of a party that could not support a bipartisan January 6 Commission under the rules that they negotiated demonstrates their lack of character and good faith to act as a loyal opposition. Instead, they continue the tactics of the “Big Lie” and obstruction practiced by fascist loyalists in Germany and other countries. Whatever threats exist from “The Woke,” they don’t compare to the activists, militias, candidates and office holders who appear dedicated to the “Big Lie” that the only way Trump could lose is if the election was rigged.