Jan Brovont, Livermore

I’d like to thank Richard Ryon for doing what many of us Livermore residents would like to have done: file a “referendum with the goal to ensure future city council members will have the ability to relocate the 130 affordable housing units called Eden Housing” to a more appropriate location. 

“The action follows the council’s May 24 decision to amend the city’s disposition, development and loan agreement with Eden Housing.” “The city is allowing Eden to acquire the land before Eden has secured the bulk of the financing for its project.”  The city is even loaning Eden $7.8 million to purchase the site. Many residents are puzzled as to why the council has pushed so hard to get Eden Housing in that location, instead of other more appropriate locations. For more information regarding the referendum, see the article on pg. 1 of the June 2, 2022, Independent.

Thank you, Richard Ryon.