I write to support the City of Livermore’s plan for Stockmen’s Park. The City Plan is well thought out, well developed, and has the most essential component of a credible project: it is capable of accomplishment. A group with multiple, continuously evolving names opposes the City Plan. Whatever its present and future name, this group offers not a plan but a cartoon. The current version of the cartoon in the Jan. 30 Independent places the name of the Black Box Theater on the outline of the Quest building within Stockmen’s Park. There is a mysterious “Center for Science, Culture and Education” at the far western edge of the entire property. I would be fascinated to meet the group creating the program plan for that center, if indeed it exists.

The opposition to the City Plan is spending large amounts of money on ads and propaganda trying to get to “No.” Quest and Livermore Shakespeare are spending money and effort getting to “Yes” by doing real things. They are creating and executing programs in the community, designing real buildings, and have operating plans that have received positive peer reviews by the city. The opposition has done none of this, offering only fantasy and delay. When the time comes to vote on Measure P, do not be misled by a cartoon. As Gertrude Stein famously said, “There is no there there.” Vote for the plan that has real people, real accomplishment, real design, and real review behind it. Vote for the City Plan. Vote for Measure P.