I've read Jeb Bing's March 22 editorial "Downtown Planning: Are developers now making the decisions?" Mr. Bing may be onto something.

The people elect five councilmembers to manage the city's services and development. During their electioneering, most, if not all, vowed to maintain the charm of downtown. I trust that they will adhere to their pledge. Pleasanton is a destination for folks all around the Bay. They come for shopping, the restaurants and the charm. Why would the council allow this charm to disappear? Ground-level residential units on Main Street? Four story apartment buildings? How about more traffic and less parking? When this gets to the planning commission, I would urge them to stop this foolishness right now and the same goes for the council. We must not allow developers to run the city.

As to the idea of spending $200 million to move city offices, the library, etc. ― wait a minute. There is a much more pressing need downtown. Regarding parking, why not build an underground multi-level garage? It could be put under Delucchi Park, or across the street under Lions Wayside Park. I can't imagine it would cost $200 million.

Yes, Ms. Allen, it is time for the public to become involved. The city can advertise their upcoming meetings, and should.

Citizens, if you like downtown as it is now, go to the meetings and voice your opinions. Send a note to Mayor Thorne or your favorite councilmember at 125 Main Street.