Bruce MacKay, Livermore

In response to Ms. Elphicke’s letter: I was born in England during World War II and grew up with rationing, and I understand hunger. I emigrated to the USA in 1967 with £50, the maximum the UK Government would allow. I have witnessed poverty in many countries, so when I read about Marcus Rashford and his campaign to feed children I was awestruck. What a great way to use his fame for the benefit of those less fortunate. Your comments are disgusting, and I doubt you ever missed a meal and were probably born with a silver spoon.

Since Trump emerged on the political scene racism and bigotry is on full display with his MAGA movement. Your disheveled PM BoJo with his MEGA mindset, aided and abetted by Ferage et al is now faced with a real Mea culpa sucking up to President Biden. It’s impossible to make ignorant comments, and then say “So sorry, I misspoke, and meant no offense.” Imagine if I tweeted “Natalie Elphicke sounds like a very foreign name, and she is a racist.”  How would you feel? Then I would tweet “Oops, I didn’t really mean that as Natalie is such a wonderful person.” Learn from your ignorance and dedicate your efforts to help create a better place than what it is right now.